Making Low GI food can be a pain in the ass sometimes as well as time consuming but i have a super quick, delicious and high protein recipe to share!

I apologise for the messy photo, it was so hot and the lettuce made it harder to hold (and yes I still have my baby plates!). This recipe makes 6 burgers….or if you like really thick burgers, 4.


500g lean minced beef

1 very finely slices shallot/onion

3 garlic cloves, crushed

1/2 tsp onion powder (extra flavour)

1/2 an OXO beef stock cube

Ground pepper corns

Salt to taste

Ice burg lettuce to wrap

Sliced cheese

Coconut oil


First of all in a bowl, tip the mince out and give it a mix to break it up. Next add the dry ingredients (salt, oxo cube, onion powder) and mush everything together, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

On a chopping board, slice your shallot/onion as thinly as you can and add it to the mix. Next, crush the garlic in either a press or with a knife and add it to the burger mix. Mix around again and then portion it out into 4-6 balls. When creating the patties, make sure the mince ball is tightly squeezed together to stop it falling apart and once you’ve created the patties, place on a plate.

On a separate plate, grind pepper (enough the cover the bottom) and take each patty and roll the edges in the pepper, now they’re ready to cook! Heat your oil in a non stick pan and let it gently heat for a minute or so. Place the burgers in the pan and keep the heat on a medium/low heat and flip after 6 minutes (if they are thicker, allow 8 minutes). When the burgers are nearly finished, prepare your lettuce leaves and cheese ready to wrap. Take your burgers out of the pan and wrap in the lettuce; placing a cheese slice inside so it turns into gorgeous melty goo!


4 thoughts on “PEPPER STEAK BURGERS 🍔

      1. It was absolutely delicious. I swapped the Mozzarella for half goats cheese (for me) and half halloumi (for hubby) as I didn’t have Mozzarella. It was SO tasty and I’ll definitely be adding it to my low carb regular recipes! Thanks so much. I’m going to blog my version and will add a link to your post too.. xx


      2. Sorry PolyAndMe – I’ve just realised I was getting muddled with another chicken recipe I’d read earlier and cooked for our tea… I will be trying yours too and will let you know how it goes – please ignore my last comment! xx

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