Top 10 things that help me cope with PCOS πŸ¦‹

Everyone needs something or someone to make them feel better when the going gets tough! Here’s my list of my top 10 things that help me get though my downbeat days or even every day PCOS struggles.


Keeping on top of my exercise! Everyone knows exercise releases feel good endorphins and it gives me an extra feel good boost knowing I’ve done something to fight against my PCOS.


Going for a long drive (usually at night) helps me clear my head. I think because I’m focusing on something else, it takes away my negativity and by the time I get home I feel much better.


Having my boyfriend to talk too whenever I need is my biggest help! We’re going through this journey together and it’s amazing to have someone so supportive by my side everyday. Shout out to you Jake!


I love getting my nails done! I’ve had acrylic overlays for about a year and a half and nothing makes me feel more relaxed than sitting in the nail bar whilst my nails are being made pretty. I usually go every 2-3 weeks so if I’ve had a bad week, it helps to put an end to the bad week.


Binge watching a good series on Netflix! Getting snuggled in a fluffy blanket, fresh out of the bath with some mint tea is my fave routine thing to do when I’m feeling a bit crappy. I’ve recently finished Ozark and I have a weird crush on Jason Bateman now….


Making a healthy smoothie really does the trick if I’m feeling bloated or having a day where I feel really fat in everything. I think it’s a mental pick me up that makes me think, yep I’ve just put 8 different fruits and vegetables in me, I’m a health freak now!


A face mask, hair mask and a bubble bath just before bed helps me to relax and sleep better. If I’ve had a really crap day where I’ve had awful mood swings, a bath will 9/10 sort me out.


Cooking really helps me to De stress! And I love cooking new PCOS friendly dishes. I have a notepad in my kitchen that I scribble in for future reference!


Online shopping is my vice….it cheers me up no end to think that in a few days I’ll be getting a present to me from me through the post! It’s especially uplifting knowing that the cloths I can buy now fit and look so much better now I’ve lost weight and continue to lose weight.


Getting myself up and ready, spending time on my makeup and hair and taking time to pick out an outfit makes me feel powerful and ready to take on the day, especially if I’ve woken up in a low/bad mood and want to shake it off before the day has really begun.

What’s your favourite things to do when you need a pick me up? Let me know in the comments!

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